Statement Of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

At Clapham Lodge, we provide care for up to 38 residents. Our aim is to provide all Service Users with a quality of life that is as normal as possible, given their individual health and care needs. We provide this in the homely surroundings of a beautiful arts and crafts building surrounded by greenery of the farmland and extensive gardens all accessible to residents and their loved ones, a place where Residents can feel safe and secure. Staff foster a home from home atmosphere with care that enables Residents to live as independently as possible treated with respect, dignity and privacy. Residents are encouraged to spend time in the sunny courtyard where they can get to know each other over drinks and snacks and also, they can gather for garden activities if they wish to partake. Residents are supported to make informed choices about all aspects of their lives and care.

The home has numerous communal areas to choose from to spend time with other residents and family members, upstairs there is a lounge and a small more intimate separate dining area with lovely views over the countryside and the sea at Worthing is visible in the distance.

The ground floor of the home has a large lounge and combined dining accommodation in the sunny conservatory space which looks out over the patio and garden, the lounge also leads out to a small sunny courtyard which is an ideal space for residents to have lunch together which in turn promotes friendship.

The resident rooms have en suite shower facilities. Residents also have the choice of having a bath, the bathroom is situated near to the upstairs bedrooms, there are two further parker bathrooms on the ground floor one has an assisted overhead hoist.

Residents have a pre-admission assessment of their care needs with the support of their family to ensure that we can make the transition from home to home as smooth as possible and from this we can work together to develop a person- centred care plan, holistically encompassing all needs, preferences, wants and wishes. We try our best to make the residents stay as happy as possible.

Everyone has the right to:

  • A home, which feels homely
  • Be treated and feel valued as an individual.
  • Know that you are respected and treated with respect
  • Be supported to be as independent as possible and cared for.
  • Feel safe and secure 24 hours each day, every day of the week.
  • Have choices and the right to choose.
  • Their privacy, to be respected but, to never feel alone.
  • Feel comforted in homely surroundings with people who care.
  • Have control over your care, supported in the way you decide.

At Clapham Lodge, we aim to provide professional quality care, tailored to your needs, in surroundings that are pleasant and comfortable.

Residents are encouraged to personalise their room, add their own personal touch, furniture, ornaments, sentimental items to create the right environment to enjoy a good quality of life.

We aim for a happy homely atmosphere which supports, emotional, physical and mental well-being and a feeling of self-worth.

Residents family and friends are very important, and we try to involve them in the care and activity on a daily basis.

Being a member of the village, the community is very much in the ethos of the home and residents often integrate with the community at events during the year.

Professional commitment creates confidence and trust so enabling you to feel confident in exercising your freedom of choice and the promotion of your rights.

Directors: Mr James Thorns/ Mrs Amanda Thorns

The Registered Provider/ Nominated Person
Mrs Amanda Thorns

Mrs Thorns has over 35 years of experience as an RGN and previously owned a nursing and Residential Home and can be contacted at:

Clapham Lodge Care Home, Woodlands Close, Clapham Village, West Sussex, BN13 3XR
Telephone: 01903 871326 | Email: [email protected]

The Registered Manager
Tracy Jones

Tracy is a hard-working, patient, dedicated and very caring person whose enthusiasm, bubbly and out-going personality helps foster a happy and caring environment for the Residents within her care, recognising, encouraging and promoting their individuality.

She is always willing to listen and support both Residents and their families alike. Her personality helps motivate the staff and achieve a valuable caring team to enable Residents to live as independently as possible, with the assistance that is aimed at enhancing their welfare and well-being in a friendly, happy unobtrusive manner, which makes Clapham Lodge a unique, safe and warm environment to live in.

Tracy has over 30 years’ experience of caring for the elderly and has the knowledge and qualifications to support her role, including her NVO level 5 Diploma in Health & Social Care.
Tracy Jones can also be contacted at Clapham Lodge.

The directors of the home have over 30 years’ experience in care of the elderly. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional care service, with a personal touch.

We are pleased to accept Residents for long term, short term convalescence, respite and holiday stays.

We continuously strive to improve the services and environment of our home and place the rights of Residents and their care at the forefront of our philosophy. We encourage our Residents to exercise their rights to the full. Residents are looked after in a home from home environment, in an atmosphere that meets all social, spiritual and psychological needs.

We always offer sensitive and conscientious health and social care from competent and committed well trained staff who understand the needs of the elderly. We are available to talk, advise and assist with any problems or concerns regarding any general enquiries or health related issues.

‘Resident of the Day’ is a procedure/ policy which focuses on an individual and all their needs on ‘their’ day. Any individual changes in general well­being, will be analysed monthly. Care programmes are established from assessments of individual needs, to enable us to meet specific care requirements.

It is an important part of our philosophy to provide quality care which demonstrates respect and dignity, whilst being encouraged to maintain as much independence as possible.

The company is an enlightened active organisation that responds to the personal needs of individual’s and their families, to ensure a person-centred approach to care.

We are committed to providing the highest standards in quality-controlled health and social care, where the interests of the residents are paramount and safeguarded by person contract.

  • To be called by their preferred name
  • To feel safe and in control of their environment
  • To feel confident in every area of their life
  • To voice grievances without fear of reprisal
  • To manage every aspect of their daily life
  • To manage personal and financial affairs
  • To have access to personal and medical records
  • To be involved in planning their care and treatment
  • To question, accept or refuse any part of their care and treatment
  • To organise or participate in Residents’ Groups
  • To participate in social or community activities or have activities consistent with their interests and care plans
  • To observe religious beliefs and practices
  • To keep and use personal belongings
  • To be alone or to be associated and communicate with visitors in private
  • To be attended to in private and with dignity
  • To have their door open or closed as they wish and to expect staff to knock and wait for a response before entering
  • To choose the gender of their carer where possible
  • To be given advance notice of a change of room.
  • If married to possibly share a room with their spouse.
  • To die with dignity, not alone or in fear
It is the mission of Clapham lodge Care Home to provide efficient and cost-effective health and social care services which meet the assessed needs of its residents.

A series of themes both cut across and underpin the aims we have relating to the rights of residents and quality care.

We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives and we welcome the scrutiny of our residents and representatives.

We aim to provide a total range of care, in collaboration with all partnership workings, to meet the personal and health care needs and preferences of our residents.

The care we provide is based on the Pre-Admission Assessment of needs and the systematic and continuous planning of care for each individual Resident. We carry out a person-centred approach to care for our residents.

All our staff are trained through e-learning courses and supported through both in-house training and external training courses. The comprehensive training schedule begins with induction and for the care staff the care certificate. Nearly all our staff are either working towards an NVO or already have attained such. We believe that it is a Residents right to be given choice, person-centred care, privacy and dignity at all times and therefore are all included as part of our on-going training.

Staff are continuously required to carry out supervision and have an appraisal every year with the manager to assess what their requirements on training are.

Quality Service

We aim to help service users exercise their opportunities to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives by:

  • Providing meals which enable residents as far as possible to decide for themselves where, when and with whom they eat and drink
  • Offering a wide range and variety of activities daily by our activities co-ordinators.
  • Enabling residents to manage their own time and not be dictated to by communal timetables.
  • Avoiding wherever possible treating residents as a homogenous group.
  • Respecting everyone for who they are, with their unique traits, whether unusual or eccentric.
  • Retaining maximum flexibility in the routines of the daily life of the home.


We recognise that life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with personal tasks are inherently invasive of a resident’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. We therefore strive to retain as much privacy as possible for our resident’s in the following ways:

  • By ensuring that staff understand the importance of knocking before entering a resident’s room and awaiting an answer before entering.
  • Giving help in intimate situations as discreetly as possible.
  • Helping residents to furnish and equip their rooms in their own style and use them as much as they wish for leisure, meals and entertaining.
  • Offering a range of locations around the home for residents to be alone or with selected others.
  • Providing locks on resident’s storage space, bedrooms and at times other rooms in which residents do not wish to be interrupted.
  • Ensuring residents privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading post and communicating with friends, relatives or advisors.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information, the home holds about residents.


We aim to provide an environment and structure of support which responds to the need for security, in the following ways.

  • Offering assistance with tasks and in situations that would otherwise be perilous for resident’s.
  • Protecting residents from all forms of abuse.
  • Providing readily accessible channels for dealing with complaints by resident’s.
  • Creating an atmosphere in the home which residents experience as open, positive and inclusive.

Civil Rights

Having disabilities and residing in a care home can all act to deprive our service users of their rights as citizens. We therefore work to maintain our service users place in society as fully participating and benefiting citizens in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that residents have the opportunity to vote in elections and to brief themselves fully on the democratic options.
  • Providing full and equal access to all elements of the NHS.
  • Helping residents to claim all appropriate welfare benefits and social services.
  • Assisting residents to access public services such as libraries, further education and lifelong learning.
  • Facilitating residents in contributing to society through volunteering, helping each other and taking on roles involving responsibility within and beyond the home.


Dignity is undermined if residents are inhibited or restricted by protected characteristics. We try and preserve intrinsic values by:

  • Treating each resident as a valued individual.
  • Helping residents to maintain their self- worth by enabling them to present themselves as they would wish through their own choice of clothing, personal appearance and behaviour in public.
  • Tackling the stigma from which our residents may suffer due to age, disability or status.


We want to help our residents to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives. We seek to assist this in the following ways:

  • Informing ourselves as fully as each resident wishes about their life, histories, relationships and characteristics.
  • To provide activities in accordance with residents wishes and abilities and to encourage and stimulate participation.
  • Responding appropriately to the personal, intellectual, artistic, ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Helping our residents to maintain existing contacts and to make new liaisons, friendships and personal or sexual relationships if they wish
  • Attempting to always actively listen and attend promptly to any resident’s desire to communicate at whatever level.


We are aware that our residents have given up a good deal of their independence in entering a group living situation. We therefore regard it as more important to foster our residents remaining opportunities to think and act without reference to another person in the following ways:

  • Providing as tactfully as possible human or technical assistance when it is needed.
  • Maximising the abilities our residents retain for self-care, for independent interaction with others and carrying out the tasks of daily living unaided.
  • Promoting possibilities for residents to establish and retain contacts beyond the home.
  • Encourage Residents to have access to and contribute to the records of their own care.


We have two activities co-ordinators, to offer a wide variety of activities to cater for all interests. Jon and Sasha are always open to new ideas and regularly ask the residents for their input.

Residents often like to have open discussions about their past and at present we are writing to other care homes around the world to exchange ideas about local activities, cultures and food.

During the summer months we have a lovely garden to sit in and enjoy the fresh air we have events in the garden in the summer months.

Skittles and exercise class are two of our most popular activities as the residents enjoy the challenge, we have a full-size wooden skittles alley which is used on a regular basis as it is mentally and physically stimulating and a lot of fun.

Visiting Entertainers include:

  • Singers
  • Guitarists
  • Dancer’s
  • Exercise to Music
  • Harpists
  • Pet Therapy
  • Local Mother & Toddler group
  • Magician

In-House Activities include:

  • Crosswords & Quizzes
  • Walks
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Themed Days
  • Bingo
  • Playing games
  • Colouring Therapy
  • Film Afternoons
  • Postcard writing
Care staff will assist you with all your personal care in line with your needs, preferences, wants and wishes. Assistance with washing, dressing and undressing will be offered and any toileting needs or other personal requirements. We have three parker baths which means accessible bathing for all.

Most rooms also have the availability of a shower. We aim to accommodate each Residents routine as best we can, ensuring that routines at home can be replicated as far as possible.

We have recently had a new call bell system. We are the 6th home in the UK to have this system installed and the 1st in an established building. This system ensures that Residents can alert staff if they need assistance in their rooms and communal areas. The systems checks will also allow us to monitor all staff whereabouts and average response times, creating a safe environment and an efficient work force.

On admission to the home the resident has a lovely visit from the chef to ascertain their food likes and dislikes.

Residents are asked daily their choice from the menu. Meals can be eaten in individual rooms or in the Dining Rooms and any dietary requirements can be catered for.

We encourage the involvement of the families and their participation in regular assessment of the resident, all of which add to the well-being of all involved.

Once a month the priest visits to give Holy Communion. Visits to the church can be arranged upon request.


We have a hairdresser who visits every fortnight


The chiropodist visits every six weeks.


The Beautician also visits every fortnight.


A full laundry service is available

All medication is administered by trained care staff, unless you have chosen to self-medicate

There is a ‘strictly no smoking’ policy and please be fully aware of the signing in and out policy and the fire procedure – a copy of which is in the reception area.

Mail is delivered to you by the staff each day.

You can request the telephone to call family and friends. A private phone can be installed in your room and billed to your room if you wish. BT will be happy to oblige.

Available for your room at no extra cost. If you wish to bring or purchase your own TV and have satellite TV, broadband for your own private use.

Visitors may visit at any time of the day or night; there are no restrictions. If your visitor wishes to have lunch they do have to book in advance with the chef. There is a charge.


Coffee and tea are available on request and you are most welcome to take full advantage of any inside or outside areas while visiting depending on the weather.


Family and friends can take advantage of the areas in the home to celebrate resident’s birthdays or any other special occasion.

Information acquired by Clapham Lodge will become part of the data held in accordance with the provision of the Data Protection Act 1984 and in-line with new regulations coming into force from May 2018.


Medical information will be kept confidential and may be disclosed, on a strictly confidential basis, to those involved with your treatment and care and if applicable to any person or organisation who may be responsible for meeting your treatment and care.


Anonymous data may however be used by Clapham lodge or disclosed to others for research or statistical purposes.


Access to non-medical information may be granted by Clapham Lodge to others on a strictly confidential basis as in the course of and for the purposes of, the efficient administration of Clapham Lodge.


Tracy Jones

Registered Manager

  1. Clapham lodge is committed to providing high quality services and constantly seeking ways to improve that quality.
  2. Your comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints are always welcome at this home and we take pride in responding to them quickly, effectively and honestly.

3ff        All comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints should be made to the Manager of the home or one of the company directors.

  1. Complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with as soon as possible.

5.        Verbal complaints will be responded to immediately. All comments will be carefully considered and responded to on an individual basis.

  1. Written complaints will be responded to by an acknowledgment letter within two days. The home’s Manager will then investigate the complaint and send the complainant a letter outlining the results within 28 days. If the matter is complex and cannot be resolved within 28 days, the complainant will be informed.
  2. If the complaint cannot satisfactorily be resolved within the home, it will be referred to: Care Quality Commission South East Citygate Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NEl 4PA | Tel: 03000 616161
  3. Service Users’ may complain directly to the COC.
  4. We view your complaints as an opportunity to identify anything that is going wrong in our organisation and rectify it. You can help us by reporting any problems or failings as soon as possible. Your comments and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Our residents do not live in our workplace. We work in their home.